vendredi 17 avril 2009

Egreat EG-M33H-DVBT : nouveau firmware

Le nouveau firmware de la Egreat EG-M33H-DVBT vient de sortir. Rapellons que la M33H est la toute première machine avec toutes les caractéristiques suivantes :

- HDMI 1.3a
- 1080p
- Double Tuner TNT HD avec enregistrement en .ts
- Lecture des M2TS avec sous-titres
- Lecture des MKV

A noter que maintenant la platine est compatible NFS et Samba en plus de l'UPnP.

New features
1) FLAC music format support;
2) ADD Bookmark function, Usage: During the movie playback, press the bookmark button, the current playback position will be recorded (press repeat in the same movie file , only last position will be recorded); During Non-Playback status, Press the bookmark button will enter the bookmark page, select the required Bookmark to start playing; bookmark support 9 entries;
3) CD disk support;
4) DAT video format support;
5)Internal HDD standy control, if there is no any operation in 15 minutes, the internal HDD will automatically go to the standby mode
6)Add on new SRT format support, such as "00:00:03.003 -> 00:00:06.006"
7) Add in the Czech language and French support;
8) Add NFS/SMB function

Bug Fixes
1) Solve the saturation problem of saturation adjustment , add number indication of brightness, saturation, contrast adjustments;
2) Improve the text subtitle rendering, add 2 more pixel between two words.
3) use TURE White color for subtitle show.
4) Optimization of multi-track switch in MKV file
5) Add one new subtitle type of MKV internal subtitle, single-track multi-channel subtitle format support;
6) Fast-Forward, and rewind use the 2/4/8X;
7) Fix crash issue on the MP4 file with internal subtitle.
8) Reduce the 5 sec in boot up
9) Improve the HDMI driver, Fix bug on VIC= 0, and re-sync the EDID data after HDMI signal restore
10) Add more type support on U disk
12) In English UI,, Vietnamese subtitle can working correctly.
13) Fix the DVD Folder Auto playback issue on FAT32 partition;
14) The size of the text subtitles can be adjusted from 48 to 60, and height can be from 48 to 100,
15) Blu-ray titles PGS adjustable height of the same;
16) Fix the Blu-ray Playlist parse bug
17) SEEK step can be 10 sec , by use Vol+/-
18) Fix the HDMI signal lose issue
19) UPNP can be work on DHCP mode
1) Adjust the recording page makes recording tasks show clearer
2) EPG, INFO page shows the current time to increase;
3) If the channel list is empty, search pop-up page will be auto showed when your entering the HDTV mode.
4)Add Post-padding , and pre_-padding time for EPG recording
5) Add the time zone, daylight saving time on / off support;
6) Add Loop function key for channel switch.

Téléchargement du firmware...