mardi 12 mai 2009

Egreat EG-M33H-DVBT : Nouveau Firmware

Un nouveau firmware vient de sortir pour le boîtier multimédia HD / Enregistreur TNT HD Egreat EG-M33H-DVBT.

Référence Firmware : EGR_M31H/M33H_1.0.2.1

1) ADD the picture slide function

2) an increase in auto-boot support for music playback; (Music must be in "autoplay' directory )

3) ADD M3U, PLS Music playlist support;

Requirement 1: music files and playlist files are in the same hard disk partition

Requirement 2: when the player must choose to play playlist files. If it is to play other music files, paper recycling to the playlist will play fails, skip to the next can play the file

4) ADD the LCD screen on / off control (blue button)

5£? ADD 34A new remote controller support


1) Fix the UI overlap issue among the subtitles popup, simple menus and Bookmark hint message

2) when there is no tuner can not switch to DTV mode.

3) Fix the bug on DVDROM eject issue

4) improve the bookmark function:

A. bookmarks only support hard drives and USB hard disk HDD inside a document, does not support CD-ROM files and network documents;

B. return key to exit from the bookmark page;

C. increase the bookmarks file can not access the message;

D. bookmark PlayPopup change the default button play;

E. width adjustment bookmarkpage the flag to avoid invalid string rolling English;

F. solve the seamless playback file name changed, bookmark documents record the names of the problem has not been amended;

G. resolve the problem of occasional lost;

5) Fix PGS loss issue on PGS subtitle;

6) Add internal HDD standy management on M31H&M33H

7) Add Number hint on Volume/Brightness/contrast/Saturation progress Bar;

8) Disable the Status LED on USB plugin/plugout event;

9) Use Yellow select color on sETUP page

10) Fix the bug on USB remove hint Message

TV module

1) Add new frequency and bandwidth support for European countries

2) Improve the HDTV record function;

3) fix time show overlapping on EPG page

4) Add Channel delete function (TV Channel List window, press the red button)

/!\Attention, la région de recherches de chaînes Européenne ne concerne pas la France.
Il est préférable d'utiliser la région Chine qui utilise la même bande de fréquences.

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