vendredi 19 juin 2009

Nouveau firmware Dune BD Prime / HD Center 090619_1649_beta

C'est la journée des mises à jour! Un nouveau firmware Dune BD Prime / HD Center est sorti aujourd'hui. Malheureusement rien de réellement nouveau à part quelques corrections de bugs.
Une mise à jour plus importante avec le nouveau SDK Sigma Designs et l'autoframerate arrivera un peu plus tard.

Ajouts et modifications :

Version "090619_1649_beta"

- Bugfix: player could become unusable (refuse to play anything till
reboot, generate errors on playback attempt) in specific cases.

- Bugfix: when reading file content from a NFS share, bad data was read in
the end of the file in some cases.

- Bugfix: torrent client refused to work with certain torrent trackers,
such as

- Bugfix: disconnecting a main storage (e.g. attached USB HDD) from the
player could not work correctly if the main storage was in use by the
player (e.g. due to SMB/FTP-connection from a PC). Now all usages of
disconnected storages are automatically terminated by the player when the
player detects storage disconnection (e.g. on exit to the main menu).

- Bugfix: text rendering in OSD could work with not the best possible
quality (incorrect antialiasing) in some cases. Now the best possible
antialiasing quality is ensured in all cases.

- Bugfix: first EAC3 audiotrack in TS files could not be detected in
certain cases.

- Bugfix: playback of very high bitrate PCM WAV audiofiles could produce
garbage sound or no sound.

- Bugfix: playback of very high bitrate external FLAC audiotracks could
cause A/V desync on seek.

- Bugfix: when playing specific DTS WAV audiofiles and DTS CD tracks,
severe stuttering could begin at some point, or garbage audio output or
playback hangup could take place in the end of playback.

- Bugfix: when playing specific PCM WAV and FLAC audiofiles through S/PDIF
and analog audio outputs, severe stuttering could begin at some point.

- Bugfix: player could freeze after finishing firmware upgrade in certain

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