mercredi 2 décembre 2009

Dune Bd Prime 3.0 : Hybrid of the Year

Le site MPC Club vient de décerner à la Dune BD Prime 3.0 un AWARD Special "Hybrid of the Year".

"We gave HDI a run for their money back in the days releasing the HDI Dune BD Prime 1.0 and to date still feel somewhat mislead by HDI that caused us to be cautious. They have done their best over the years and with the recent 3.0 version of their Dune BD Prime, they convinced me they can actually impress as well, as it was the "most mature" player we seen upon release in a long times. Too bad some Bdloader issues popped up shortly thereafter but those are being worked out as we speak. HDI is a brand that can improve on communications and handling the feedback of users despite their voting list and so on. Over the past half year all concentration went down to the 3.0 leaving the earlier customers left out a bit which should be avoided. Growing resources might help HDI grow as well. Price wise and value for money, easy "all can do" player that does not need too much fiddling convinces me that for regular users, the HDI BD Prime 3.0 is about the easiest and even most complete Hybrid there is today if we stick to looking at abilities for media entertainment. They should however not remain as shy as they are as there's not enough "animo" surrounding the units and that's a crucial part to keep growing in 2010."

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