vendredi 29 janvier 2010

HDX BD-1 : nouveau firmware

Après la mise à jour 4.6 d'hier, HD Digitek vient de sortir une nouvelle mise à jour version 4.8.

Liste des améliorations

1. Document management functions: Copy / Paste / Delete / Cancel
2. Subtitles have been tampered with external graphics solution led to the problem machine crash
3. Solve the file and then play Blu-ray player navigation analog output no sound problems
4. No part of the solution FLAC audio output problems
5. Solving network network test pass, but the problem appears as not connected
6. Increase the software maintenance function
7. Solve the video playback volume is saved in the next film source playback problem is not in force
8. 4.8.0 and above can not be downgraded to upgrade to the following version, can not be forced to upgrade to 4. 8.0 or forced to upgrade to low-version, 4. 8.0 later version may be forced to upgrade.
9. Web browser home page changed to google

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