vendredi 26 février 2010

YuiXX : nouveaux retards

Comme nous nous en doutions, la trés attendue YuiXX arrivera avec du retard. Une nouvelle fois, la société 2L (Conceptronic) a officiellement annoncé que la machine ne serait pas prête pour fin février en raison d'un problème technique. Aucune nouvelle date de disponibilité n'a pour le moment été annoncée. Notre modèle de test qui devait nous être envoyé il y a 1 mois maintenant n'est toujours pas arrivé. Nous ne manquerons pas de vous tenir informés.

Communiqué officiel :

"Start 2L
The YuiXX will not be available in the stores at the scheduled deadline of February. We were and are ready for production, but due to an unsolved technical issue so far, which is crucial for the functioning of the YuiXX, we can not produce it yet. It concerns instability while loading and reading to the NOR. Only when this is resolved we can offer a few products for evaluation and reviews and start the mass production. Unfortunately this was discovered late, but fortunately just before the start of production.
We are confident that it will be resolved ASAP, but we realize that, with these words, you will not have a YuiXX in your hands. We regret that we do not reach the communicated date, but we can assure you that we want nothing more than to make everyone happy with a nice YuiXX in the living room.

We also received many questions regarding the tuner support and compatibility with Ziggo and UPC. I can tell you that we are busy behind the scenes, apart from free-to-air channels, to have DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S (2) compatible with various cable companies or Internet service providers. Once we have more information about it, we will certainly report this to the market. Our full attention is currently to the preparation of the 1st YuiXX series.

Meanwhile, we are adding more and more functionality to the YuiXX including additional control of the YuiXX using an external browser. Anyone can, in addition to the settings in the TV, have access through his or her PC to the YuiXX and change various settings, doing temperature measurements, see the statistics of network traffic, organize all the media files and much more. We are also working hard to get more widgets in the YuiXX Store, so we can offer more content from the first shipment.

We have every confidence that we can quickly produce the YuiXX and present it in the market ASAP. We will make every effort to reach its full potential, because YuiXX is a great concept where we believe in very strongly. We understand that it is time to translate words into action, so we will soon offer a number of items for review to various parties. Then they can express their thoughts about the YuiXX themselves. An update on the delivery of the first series will follow soon.

Once again our sincere apologies for the delay, but we assure you that the waiting will be rewarded! "

Source : MPC Club