vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Mede8er : nouveau firmware V4 dispo

Le nouveau firmware Mede8er V4 officiel finalisé (non beta) pour les MED400X et MED500X est enfin disponible.

Changelog from V4beta5

1. HD Audio problems fixed (DD+ hardware)
2. AAC 6 ch HDMI Passthrough fixed
3. PCM passthrough on SPDIF
4. Compressed MKV headers fixed
5. Windows Live Essentials Network login fixed
6. Samba network copy instability fixed
7. Navigation crashing problem fixed
8. Write and read support for USB hosted devices over Samba fixed
9. .pls file Radio station support
10. Video Wall Alpha Search added
11. Video Wall Page Jump Added
12. Video Wall Series view changed - Now supports long file names
13. Video Wall GUI update
14. Video Wall now reads USB HDD “name” – to eliminate paths being mixed up
15. Video Wall support for BDISO files
16. Music player loading time fixed
17. Support ape audio files
18. Support ape .cue files (beta support)
19. Dummy folders on internal HDD fixed – removed
20. Icelandic Language support
21. LED inversion on MED400X
22. Discreet “off” code added
23. IP remote improved – still beta and waiting for extra functionality
24. Improved WiFi Performance
25. General Bug fixes

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