mercredi 16 février 2011

NETGEAR NeoTV 550 : nouveau firmware

NEATGEAR vient de nous faire parvenir un nouveau firmware pour sa passerelle phare NeoTV 550.

Télécharger le firmware...

v3.0.293 Release Notes

AutoFPS improvements
- Fixed AutoFPS intermittently not working for 50Hz/60Hz
- Fixed AutoFPS intermittently not working for DVD

Media playback and compatibility
- Fixed audio dropouts playing TrueHD in m2ts
- Fixed intermittent stutter playing from SMB (please report your results)
- Added support for FLAC audio in MKV
- Fixed AAC 5.1 audio being decoded to 2.0 not 5.1
- Fixed audio dropouts playing FLAC
- Added VOB files to live folder browsing
- Fixed DVB subtitles in MPG not enabling/disabling
- Report Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus streams correctly in audio popup

DVD bug fixes
- Fixed SkipFwd/SkipBk not working for main movie only rips
- Fixed TimeSeek, Skip chapter not working after resume movie
- Fixed audio/video not set properly after resume movie

USB support
- Improved USB Hub support
- Added support for multiple partitions on attached USB or eSATA devices

Bug fixes
- Fixed DLNA servers disappearing from browse folders
- Fixed TVMode popup not showing correctly display resolution during video playback
- Fixed support for playlists containing IP address references to media
- Fixed crash if try to update from USB and no update images found
- Fixed freeze that can occur if no DHCP server on network
- Fixed intermittent freeze after stopping YouTube playing
- Other stability related bug fixes

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