mercredi 24 août 2011

Oppo BDP-93EU / 95EU : nouveau firmware beta

Un nouveau firmware beta Oppo a été publié sur le site officiel Oppo UK. Comme toutes les versions beta, la mise à jour doit être installée impérativement via USB ou CD gravé (non dispo en téléchargement directement depuis l'Oppo).

Principales nouveautés et corrections :

1. Added YouTube Leanback streaming. YouTube LeanBack is designed to provide an uninterrupted stream of HD videos from YouTube as if you were watching a normal television channel. Access YouTube Leanback at the Home Menu -> Internet, or by pressing SOURCE and selecting YouTube.
2. Improved support for user-created DVD-Audio discs. In the previous firmware, the on-screen display and the front panel timing counters may stop at 00:00:00 when playing continuously from Track 1 to Track 2. This was mostly observed on user-created DVD-Audio discs which were “Audio Only” and contained no menus, backgrounds, or additional features.
3. Added brief chapter information (Current Chapter/Total Chapters) on-screen display when pressing PREV or NEXT button to skip chapters. Currently this feature only applies to commercial discs which include Blu-ray, DVD and DVD-Audio.
4. Improved general disc compatibility based on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples.

Télécharger la mise à jour...

ATTENTION ! Ce firmware n'est pas fiable et engendre des problèmes de décodage du son HD. Nous vous recommandons vivement d'attendre la version finale.