jeudi 26 avril 2012

Dune HD : nouveau firmware

Le site a mis en ligne un firmware non officiel disponible pour l'ensemble des lecteurs Dune HD. Attention, cette version n'étant pas officielle, son utilisation est aux risques et périls de leurs utilisateurs. Il est possible que cette version soit proposée officiellement ce WE.

Listes des modifications (valables pour toutes les machines Dune HD actuellement disponibles) :
1. Implemented functions to hide channels and cancel channels to hide.
2. Reproduction of closed channels are not automatically restored (instead, it runs the first channel in the list).
3. In the case of the end of the subscription or other problems with the subscription, the player immediately has a button to quickly enter a new login / password.
4. Implemented reset the date to the current date when you switch to another channel in the EPG-menu.
Five. Kartina Micro HD: Enabled mechanism of IP-player control (remote-application support for iOS / Android etc).
6. Added two new ZOOM-mode.
7. Improved reset: you can select the "full" and "soft" reset.
8. Improvements in initial setup wizard video mode: with HDMI-connected automatically offers the best video mode according to information from the EDID-TV.
9. Dune HD TV-301: Better rendering of fonts in a web browser and flash applications.
10. Fixes for Wi-Fi.
11. Fixed problem with false alarms remote control in some cases.
12. Fix: formatting function not working HDD; other improvements in formatting functions.
13. Fixed a problem with the inability to play the files with some USB HDD volume over 2TB

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