dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Dune HD : mise à jour firmware

Dune HD a publié une nouvelle mise à jour firmware. La plupart des corrections concernent les fonctions IPTVet les plug-ins.

Télécharger le nouveau firmware...

NOTE: This is a minor update to 120815_2151. 

- Dune HD TV models: Bugfix: Vidimax application could report "error 7" in
some cases during playback.

- Bugfix: fixed problem with the playback of certain MMS URLs (the problem
appeared in the firmware version 120608_1420_beta).

- Bugfix: playback of MPEG-TS streams w/o audio and with temporary audio
dropouts could cause problems. (This includes playback of multicast, HLS,
DVB MPEG-TS streams.)

- Bugfix: playback of media content via HTTP protocol could cause hangup in
some cases (e.g. when the server did not respond).

- HLS playback improvements:
- By default, the initial quality is now chosen based on the previous
statistics (remembered till reboot).
- Various performance and stability improvements.
- Bugfix: too long HLS URLs were refused to play.

- media_url: 'hls_initial_bandwidth' parameter extended with new possible
values: 'auto' and 'auto_high'.
- More details: http://dune-hd.com/support/misc/media_url.txt

- Improvements in API for PHP plugins:
- Default PHP plugin operation timeout increased to 60 seconds.
- Bugfix: PHP plugin operation was handled in wrong way in some cases.
- Bugfix: EPG OSD column had wrong title in some cases.

- Dune HD TV models: Improvements in API for HTML+JS applications:
- Bugfix: when playing HLS stream, read error events could be wrongly
generated even in the absence of any errors.