jeudi 4 juin 2009

Downmix DTS sur HDX 1000 (nouveau firmware)

Après de longues semaines d'attente, le downmix stéréo sur le DTS est enfin arrivé sur le HDX 1000 !

Télécharger le firmware...

Release Date: 4 June 2009
Firmware Version: 50-17-090204-15-HDD-403-000

Release Note:
1. No NMT apps, still previous 00-17-090115-15-HDD-403
2. Some critical patches on 00-17-090125-15-HDD-403
3. Fixed Video_ts playback over SAMBA, with whitespace in share name, will crash.
4. Turkish codepage fix.
5. Remove "Audio */*: ***" message at start of video playback (e.g. TS).
6. PNG read failure cause crash.
7. Fixed ISO with single subtitle track cannot be display
8. Internet Radio link added in Web Services
9. MP3 volume soft after ISO/IFO playback workaround
10. Workaround DirecTV UPnP crash issue
11. Image cache issue fixed
12. Fixed long playback of some TS file causing system crash
13. Fixed formatting SATA HDD failure on some large capacity HDD
14. Fixed further DTS dropouts in MKV.
15. DTS 2-Channel downmix Support

Note: Unzip into the root of your USB thumbdrive. Browse to usbupdate.html to update.
Please DO NOT power off the unit during firmware update, as it will render your unit inoperational.