jeudi 4 juin 2009

Nouveau firmware EG-M33H-DVBT

Nouveau firmware EGR_M31H/M33H_1.0.2.2 Change log:

New features
1) MKV add MPEG4 (DIVX5) video format support.
2) picture slideshow add bmp gif yuv png support



1) Improve MKV playback on internal subtitle,which is NULL;
2) Fix bug: two time reflash the second page in the file list;
3) Fix bug: Don't invoker the auto-shutdown popup if system time was changed by DTV module or setup page;
4) Show MuteOn Event on next file playback start;
5) Fix bug; if play the CD firstly on USB DVDROM, the DVD type can't be detect correctly any more;
6) Fix bug: if the CD playback issue on internal SATA DVDROM;
7) Fix bug: the delet of soft-keyboardon need be pressed two time during password input ;
Apply 16:9/4:3 onto the picture slideshow;
9) Improvement detection on some U disk type;
10) Rename the Aspect define: 16:9, 4:3 LB (Letter box), 4:3 PS (Pan scan)
11) After restore to the factory settings, The value of volume isn't showed as 50, but previous one;
12) Fix bug; The Mute function doesn't work on CD player mode ;


1) Clear the Number key framebuffer, to aviod the atifict on number display;
2) Fix bug, when Queue record task start, there will be a jitter on TV playing;
3) Adjust a little on the position of Record list 's popup;
4) Optimize the EPG EIT collection;
5) Fix out of EIT array on one French channel;
6) Fix bugs: if there is no disk space, F icon will always showon ,even the task was ended;
7) EPG page: Press DOWN on last EIT event, can return to the first EIT Event;
EPG add European languages support; (such as France, the Czech Republic, Germany, etc.)
9) Fix Bug: R icon will not disppear even the record task is finished

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